what is this bag??

  1. It's the Prada Cervo Lux Hobo bag as the listing indicates. The style number is listed on the auction as well, not quite understanding what more info you are looking for? Here it is on Diabro from another country, but it gives the same info that you already have :shrugs:........................
  2. oh i see - sorry, i thought they just said purse as a type of bag ... i didnt see 'hobo'. I have typed in cervo lux in google and all the bags that come up are the tote style ... thats why i was wondering what i am getting.

    thanks, sorry about the confusion ... am not a prada expert (yet) :graucho:
  3. You were right, they didn't say Hobo. I'm sorry, my mistake! :shame: By the way, as long as you have the style number of a bag, you can usually just google the brand along with the style number and find different sites on that particular bag. :flowers: