What is this bag?

  1. I know she's had this bag for like over 2 years & there's tons of pics of her with it in the celeb pics thread, but I want to know the exact style name & size!!! It's the bag Jason Wahler gave her a few Christmas's ago (it was a great moment on The Hills, haha), so I'm wondering if it's still available? Is it just a medium shopping tote? TIA!!
  2. medallion tote.. only one size caviar with silver hardware ( comes in goldharware as well)
    its from the classic chanel line and is always available..only thing is the price keeps going up and up
  3. thank you soo much! do you know what the price is at now/how often & how much it goes up? thanks soo much! :smile:
  4. Right now its actually at $2125 pre tax. It comes in one size. The price is worth it to me because its tough caviar, and good size to put your everyday needs. You might wanna get it before the next price increase, which i hear might be in May? I do believe it was $1850 before price increase this time around. I have it, I love her!
  5. By the way it measures 12 wide, 9.75 high and 4 1/2 depth[​IMG]
  6. thanks so much for the info!! :smile: