what is this bag?

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  1. I am a newbie to coach and today my first coach arrived (it was pretty cheap so I hope it is the real thing). It came without tags so I am unsure what style and colour it is (e.g. vintage signature in brass/brown etc).

    I have been looking at all the posts and coach reference posts but still haven't seen the same bag anywhere. It might be a signature? Whatever it is I love it :biggrin:

    If anyone has any idea what it is I would be truly grateful!

    Here it is:
  2. I hope I am wrong but I don't think this is authentic :tdown:
  3. I don't think it is either, can you get your money back ?
  4. Welcome laurasjeel.. glad that you found us here.. everyone is super nice and very helpful..
    About the bag.. I am pretty sure it's a fake.. Sorry :flowers:
  5. Yup, it's a fake. Sorry.

    The creed is wrong for a number of reasons, actually. And there's one other thing that marks this bag as not authentic... note the size and shape of the hangtag.
  6. Where did you buy it? Can you get your money back?
    Whenever it is "cheap" you gotta wonder...???
  7. I really like the red C's....

    And I'm sorry that your bag isn't real... :sad:
  8. thank-you everyone! I will be getting my money back! How can you guys tell its authenticity?
  9. yeah i looked at the drilldown too, and it comes up to a different bag. There are signs that shows its not authentic. Margaritaxmix already pointed it out. Hope you can get your money back!
  10. also the Cs line up wrong, the hardware, the thin stitches on the creed etc
  11. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. I am so glad everyone here is so friendly and helpful! Thank-you, I am learning slowly but surely how to identify the fakes :smile:
  13. There are lots of things that others and myself have already pointed out, such as alignment, stitching, hangtag, and creed....the wrong style no. is the main key. Don't wanna reveal too much more because counterfeiters do "spy" on tPF for "tips" on making their fakes better... :yucky:

    I hope you get a full refund, and feel free to post auction links in our Authenticate this Coach! sticky to get things authenticated before you bid/buy!