what is this bag?!

  1. okay so i have been wondering this for a while. there is a bag that looks like a canvas tote and it has leather handles (the handles resemble lv speedy handles, but longer) and a large leather patch sewn on the upper side. the leather could be vachette darkened over time or it could come in that darker color? anyway i see them everywhere but have never stopped to ask an owner the brand. do you guys know which bag i am talking about? i often see it in navy blue. please help with the mystery!
  2. omg thats it! thanks so much for your help!
  3. I was going to say Longchamp as well lol. Glad you found out what it was
  4. You're welcome! Longchamp Le Pliage totes come in a variety of sizes and colors, and I believe they're foldable. They're a nice, versatile for shopping, school, etc.
  5. They're also relatively cheap in the right size and bought from the right place. Well cheap in comparison to what some of these pretty purses cost! I have 6 Longchamps. I love them.
  6. babyjlo: im sure you got yours very long time... are yours made in france? i jus got one online from bagshop.com. and it says made in china :sad:.. i was hoping for one that says made in france tho.. therefore.. i thought mine was fake... :sad:
  7. ^ I think ALL Longchamps are made in France... :s right?
  8. I have the Le Pliage Kilted (LE) and it's made in France. HTH!
  9. I'm not that good at uploading photos but basically on the flap that goes through the handles, on the side which is stitched to the bag, it should say:
    LES PLIAGES LONGCHAMP TYPE "(then the size, ie S, M, L or XL)", with a line underneath with MODELE DEPOSE (the Es have accents) - MADE IN FRANCE.

    Four of mine are from the Longchamp store in Brussels and the other two are from airports.

    I'd say the bag made in China is a fake. I hope you can return it. On the bagshop site it even says they are made in France. Where does it say Made in China?
  10. If you google Longchamp made in China the only sites you get are those of the companies making the fakes. Good to know that Bagshop might not be a good place to buy after all.
    I recommend buying from the Longchamp site directly. The cost is the same and you know what you are getting. No trips to Brussels planned for me any time soon so I'll be buying from them online.
  11. On the website you can also customize colors, handle length, hardware, etc.