What is this bag??

  1. Come on chanel cambon experts...I know you're out there...
  2. Anyone?? Anyone??
    Sorry ladies, but I'm REALLY interested in this bag, so I will keep posting here so that everyone can see it!!! Thanks.
  3. I have never seen that bag before. It's supposed to be from the Cambon line, but I have to wonder if it isn't fake.:wtf:
  4. ive also never seen this bag. Could it be a fake?
  5. Pretty sure it is not a fake as I have seen it in Chanel botique in UK, however it could be from the earlier cambon range (2004-4) and they have not brought it out again.
  6. OMG...really cammy1 you've actually seen it in stores over there?? I wonder if it was just realeased in Europe?? Thanks so much ladies for finally replying :smile: ...I'm pretty desperate over this one. I'm gonna try to show an SA a pic to see if it's available anywhere....cammy1 have you seen it lately?? I'd really appreciate any info!!! Thanks again...
  7. i have never seen this either.
  8. i hav never seen it..
    good luck finding it!:smile: