What is this bag?!?!

  1. Hi All,

    In love with this bag, its #11 in the Spring/Summer 2007 collection...any idea what its called?!?!

    can't cut & paste the pic..

  2. sorry. . . needs pics!
  3. If you are referring to thread "30+pictures of new Chanel bags...",#11 is called "Lambskin flap bag with
    a new closure" code A34343 Y02419 94305 and it is 1890 Euros. I fell in love with it too and I had to order it
    as they hadn't got it then (early February in Chanel in
    Vienna,Austria).They were going to bring both black and
    white.Unfortunately I've read in the forum that the new
    closure/lock is problematic so I cancelled the order-didn't get to see it IRL though I still like it!Sigh!:sad:
  4. pics?
  5. I think you're talking about the Perforated Flap Bag that I wanted to buy too.. The one in Orange / Red.. Right?
  6. No,this one's not perforated but lambskin and it comes in black and white as far as I know.BTW I went to Channel boutique to inquire about the red new chain today,and I loved the new perforated flap bag in white!:drool: