What is this bag worth? Help!

  1. This person is wanting to know if I am still interested in this bag. The listing ended but I think the price is too high. Can you BBag experts please tell me what this bag would be worth?? Thanks! eBay item# 6891431831 They are offering it to me outside of eBay if you ladies tell me a good price and they accept it I will make them do a BIN.
  2. Well, $995 is retail - and I know they are still available, so anything less than $995 would be considered a 'good deal' - but $995 is still reasonable to pay since it's currently in stores :smile:
  3. Thanks MiMi!!
  4. Hi Mimi,
    But if, for instance, they're still available at a retailer, say with no tax or shipping, like Aloha, why go through an eBay seller? I wonder what is meant by "off eBay", also.
  5. I agree. If you can get it at the same price and it's still available at retail, I'd buy it at the store. Unless the ebay bag has the perfect look (distressed/not distressed, veiny/not veiny, thick/thin) that you are after. Otherwise, I'd only pay less than retail for it. But that's just me :amuse:
  6. "off ebay" saves the seller the ebay fees, but you are not protected. risky if you don't know them.
  7. ^ yeah, it is very risky - if you do off ebay go through paypal. But yes, I would buy in a retail store if you can -- it is safer and you can always have the option of return.
  8. I agree too. If you do buy off ebay, make sure you do it with Paypal
    and I would use a credit card too for extra protection.
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