What is this bag? Tell me tell me?

  1. I love it. How big is it?

    Is it leather, is it suede?

    Can I still buy it in stores?


  2. That's the large leather Cocoa Cabas. Far as I know it is completely sold out in stores.

  3. Oh great. It figures. I have no luck:girlsigh:
  4. Try looking in the Chanel shopping subforum. There have been some posts about Stores receiving new shipments and I know that I read something about Cabas bags. You can also start a new thread there now that you know which bag you are looking for. Good luck!
  5. They make a smaller version that we lovingly call the "baby cabas". My SA at Chanel calls it the Cruise Cabas. Do a search for "baby cabas" there are tons of pics.:yes:

  6. hmm. How much smaller is it?
  7. also is this suede or leather?
  8. it is definitely a cabas.. but is there any white colors with that bag?
  9. leather
  10. I don't know the measurements, but the baby cabas is still a nice large bag. They are re-releasing white, black, and dark silver as part of Act II and should be in stores very soon.
  11. Iluv have you been under a rock?? LOL How can you not know this bag or the baby? Girl, you need to catch up!
  12. ^ :roflmfao: Selena you said what we were all thinking. No worries, though. The baby is a fantastic bag! I have it in a khaki color and it's really big and easily wearable.
  13. Coco Cabas. Possibly white caviar.

    I think most stores are sold out already. You can always grab one on eBay.

  14. LOL. Tell me how you really feel. LOL

    Soooorrrrryyyyy. geez. I've been living in the LV forum for a while. :roflmfao:

    I'm catching up slowly but surely. :supacool:
    Thanks for being patient ladies. I will be an expert soon.
    I could write a novel about LV. Just a little wet behind the ears w/ Chanel.

    I really want this bag. It looks huge. Just like I like them. Like a friggin suitcase. LOL.

    Retail price anyone?
  15. ^^ don't worry C! i am still learning too!:heart: