what is this bag modeled by kate moss at the print ad?

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  1. i'm LOVING it!!!

    sorry, i'm a YSL newbie and i have no idea about this bag.

    anyone can help on the name of the line, price and where to get online?
    i like the all leather better than the one with kate moss though

    many thanks :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. My SA showed me pics of the bag a couple weeks ago and referred to it as the "new Muse." It will allegedly be available in two sizes, and come in blue, camel, black, and burgundy. The price of the medium bag is $1895 (I think).
  3. I've been looking at this ad too at my Harper's for awhile. I love it!!!
  4. thanks for the info ladies :smile:

    and thanks for the link pinkie, i've been eyeing on this one as well :p

    i've seen the capri one in the Saks or nm's site but i haven't seen the new muse one anywhere...
    is it out yet?
  5. BagSnob also posted about this bag...calling it the Muse Two. I guess they aren't getting too creative with naming bags ;). I love the one in the print ad.
  6. I was reading over there, too, and it's really pretty in the black leather (although I prefer the look of the larger size), but I was disappointed to find out that the white sections on the blue and patchwork versions are white canvas. I was already a little hesitant at the idea of them being white leather, but white canvas just seems like it will be a grime magnet for me. I'd be paranoid setting it down or hanging it against anything.

    Also, there was a comment that it really changes shape when there are items in the bag, so I'd want to see what the shape is when actually being worn with the usual assortment of necessities inside. I'm guessing that the photos just have them stuffed with tissue.

    Here are some more pics of the other colors from the BagSnob article (http://www.bagsnob.com/2008/01/ysl_muse_two.html#more)...



  7. it doesn't look like the black one has the white canvas, does it?
    I can't wait to see this bag in person and also carried.

    I love the BagSnob's enthusiasm for this bag!
  8. i LOVE the ostrich one, but i think the price is CRAZZYYYYY LOL

    The large is 38cm x 17cm x 28cm (15"x 6.6" x 11") with 7" straps at $1,895 and the medium is 31cm x 15cm x 24cm (12"x 5.9" x 9.5") with 6" straps at $1,645 for the leather and the mock croc versions ($5,995 for the ostrich).
  9. I definitely don't see any white showing in the picture of the black one, so I would think it's all leather unless they used black canvas.
  10. Seahorse, I'm so glad you posted!! I've been looking at this ad in Vogue and was wondering exactly the same thing!

    Is Kate modeling the medium or large size? Since it's mock croc, I would guess the medium...but it looks larger than 12" across to me.
  11. ^i believe that it is the large size.
  12. wooooooow i like it
  13. Update of "The Muse Two":

    Jan 24-UPDATED REVIEW: We were so excited about this bag, we both immediately reserved ours - giddy with delirium, we exchanged multiple phone calls about color, size, material, even quantity of what we are getting.

    Then I go in to see this in person. The boutiques have a preview sample and I could not wait to get my hands on it. Wading through rain, traffic and time limitations, I forged my way to get my first glimpse. And this is why you always need to see a bag in person before making any decisions.

    They call this a "patchwork" bag, which confused me but I will clarify. They describe this bag as lined in canvas, which is kind of deceptive. It is actually just a canvas bag, the entire structure inside and out is canvas. Leather piece are then sewn to the front, back and sides, thus "patchwork". :confused1:

    (So it is Not just a canvas bag, right?)

    There are no leather seams. No wonder this bag is so well priced!!! The flap is entirely leather but that leads to the other issue I have with the bag. The handle is on top of the flap so unless you close the bag, holding on to the handle will pull the whole thing open. The closure is this really cool stud that inserts into a lock, but this is really difficult to do on a floppy bag that you cannot push against to get the lock to close.

    I rarely, if at all, ever close my bags so this is a huge issue for me even if I can get over the fact that this is a canvas bag with leather patched attached. But if you can overlook these quirks, it is a great looking bag that is amazingly chic. I still love it and still have mine on reserve but this will not be a regular bag I use. I have lots of bags so that's ok, but if you need something practical for daily use, this might not be the one.

  14. gr8heart thanks for the update :smile:
    i c what u mean with the handle on the flap... i'm feeling the "difficulty" of taking in and out of bag is going to be like the hermes herbag