What Is This Bag Carried By MaryKate?

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  1. what kind of bag is mary kate carrying ? :heart:
  2. Sorry I am no help to figure out that bag, but I wanted to comment on how grown up she looks here. Is it a new hair cut or something for her? I'm impressed.
  3. i think her outfit and how she stands up make her look mature.. she's not slouching which is good...
  4. yah i like her in the recent pictures she has quite evolved into a pretty lady
  5. I believe that's a birkin she's carrying. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Hermes experts!
  6. btw, that's ashley not mary kate :smile:
  7. opps sorry i cannot distinguish one from the other :shame:
  8. but how come its got long straps ? i dont own a birkin so i dont know also :smile:
  9. It's not her Birkin, there is no shoulder strap on that and the handles are shorter.
  10. it's chanel
  11. It looks like an Hermes Birkin to me.:biggrin:
  12. It looks like a Hermes Birkin to me too.
  13. lol i thought that was ashley too. good for her for just being her, shes gotta be the tough one now, with mary kate and the hole she dug herself into. as for the bag lolihave no idea
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