what is this bag called?

  1. It's handheld, tall rectangle, with gold hardware? I think in vernis? I know I saw it somwhere here and its probably pretty common but I'm just not in the know yet. :shame: TIA!
  2. Reade MM??
  3. sac plat? gonna need a photo....
  4. Maybe the Reade a photo would be good
  5. for aarti, anything to lure you to LV :biggrin:

    Reade PM

    Reade MM is longer, it's the pink/orange one in my collection.


  6. It not a tote, it was like a small hand held thing? I'm combing through the clubhouse to find it.
  7. Forsyth GM?
  8. Malibu Street ?

    Roxbury Drive has been popping up a lot lately
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Wow! I haven't seen the Forsyth in years!
  11. it had the lock like the malibu street, but it was a small rectangle that was taller long ways then the base and had a small hand held handle?
  12. ^^
    AHH! You must mean the Spring Street!
  13. Yes - Spring Street!!
  14. Yeah shes talking about the Spring Street
  15. yes! I just found a pict of michaela's spring street? spring1.jpg

    Can anyone tell me about this bag?

    Gosh I'm such a newb! :shame: