What is this bag called??

  1. Ladies, I am hunting for an evening bag and I think it will have to be a Chanel. I saw one some time ago that was a little box that came in clear (w/sparkles?) and black, I think it is lucite or bakelite??. Can you Chanel experts out there give me a name for this bag? Or recommend a nice evening bag! TIA!
  2. I know exactly the bag you are talking about, but i dont know its name... I believe it may have been lucite.
  3. Ok I searched thru MANY bag showcases to find this but Vixy you are the owner! Could you please tell me the name and any other info about the little cube Chanel there on the left?!? TIA:flowers: And I am still hunting for that Lucite one!!
  4. *Bump*

    Anyone know the name of the little square lucite ot bakelite box Chanel???
  5. Hiya chag!

    As far as I know, very few Chanel bags have a specific name. Are you looking to purchse this bag? You might try calling the outlet and describing it to them. The SA would probably be happy to take pictures of what she thinks the item might be (if its in their stock).
  6. Ohhh. So it's not like LV?? You can see what I buy LOL!!! Ok I am suprised that there isn't one here out of all these bags!

    Thanks IntlSet!!!
  7. Chag, I just PM you back.
    Like Intlset said, chanel bag name are so generic. There isn't an "official" name for my bronze patent box. I've only seen them twice on ebay the last maybe 2 years.
    The lucite box is probably alittle easier to find if you get lucky.