What is this Bag called?

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  1. Hi

    Do any of you what this bag is called and if its still available / on the market? I am guessing its a lady braid (tote) ?!


  2. Le Marais, pretty
  3. love it!
  4. Is it still available? From what year is it?:smile:
  5. Just went on the Le Marais Reference Thread, and the totes look different. The tote itself is nearly the same, just the handle is different. Are u sure it a le marais?
  6. The handles remind me of the Lady Braid, but I'm not sure what line this bag is from.
  7. Forget about the bag......I want the pooch!!!!!:heart:H
  8. im pretty sure its the lady braid tote
  9. Isn't the Lady braid tote quilted?
  10. Ohh, I love it.
  11. The leather (I believe it's deerskin?) on that bag is divine. I remember talking to a lady trying on that bag at Saks last fall and almost passing out from how luscious that leather felt (and how expensive/"true-luxury" the bag looked). I only saw it in black, but I can just imagine how gorgeous the red would be. Back then the $3,395 price tag seemed way too large for me to swallow, but I guess given the last however many price increases.....that price tag now seems more reasonable, at least for a fairly large tote (gasp, can't believe I said that)!
  12. Lovely bag...not sure if it's still available in the store~~