What is this bag called?

  1. Sorry I don't have a picture. It's in the new Bloomingdales catalogue in Bordeaux and I saw it at Nordstrom in black.

    It's an e/w tote that is all leather except for round matted silver circles where the leather handles are. The bag has a zipper and opens wide. The front of it has the CC in leather.

    Anyone know what bag I am talking about? It's $2395 I believe. Thanks!
  2. Nope that's not it :sad:
  3. Is it the Timeless Classic Satchel? I think that's the name of it. I've seen some pictures of it on tPF.

  4. is it the new bowler in caviar leather?
  5. Yep I believe this is it! Thanks! My mother has gone nuts over this bag and wants it in the Bordeaux. I have only seen it in person in Black but in the new Bloomingdales catalogue they show it in Bordeaux and it's absolutely fab!

    I am going to Nordstrom tomorrow where I saw the Black one. Hopefully they also have it in Bordeaux!!!!
  6. Good luck! Glad to be of help!