What is this bag called?

  1. It is a version of the 20cm mini Kelly. There is no top handle - just a shoulder strap. Cute!!
  2. Yes.

    Some people call it the kelly mini shoulder bag.
  3. It's Name That Bag Tuesday!
  4. baggs - too funny! :nuts:
  5. If I am not wrong, it's Mini Kelly Shoulder bag.
  6. Very cute- totally practical evening bag!
  7. Thanks for posting, Lyanna Stark!

    I didn't realise that there're so many other types of Kelly around until today. There's another one called Kelly Danse posted by Westie Pup. Looks similar except the strap and more squarish.

  8. Queenie: is there any buckle for the straps? I can't see any on the picture.
  9. Cutie!!