what is this bag called

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  1. Thanks, is this an older style?? I dont see it on NM or Saks. I do like the brown suede one on NAP. :tup:
  2. Nope, it is a brand new Fall/Winter 2007 style!
  3. Oh okay! Cool, then Im not late.
  4. patchwork python2.jpg patchwork python3.jpg
  5. ^^What is that, an anaconda ramona with quilted pattern?? It doesnt look scaley enough to be python.
  6. I dont own a navy bag either, and that one is too hot. I had wanted the navy ramona before.

  7. Sigh....WHY do I come here??? THIS is the bag I've been whining about forever! For the same reason, I don't have a blue bag either and I want one. But in the end I've decided to NAG, NAG, NAG Robyn until she tires of me and I end up with her blue Riki! :angel:

    I love suede and I have quite a bit of it in both boots and bags, but for the price of the JC suede Alex, even if it does go on sale, I think I would be really nervous about how long it would hold up before it started showing dirt. There is nothing uglier than dirty suede! :tdown:

    Oh, and yeah....that last part was just me trying to talk myself out of the bag I had already talked myself out of until I saw this stupid thread! :hysteric:

    I would still like to see how versatile the straps are though, I've heard it can be carried a lot of different ways and I'd like to see it with longer straps.
  8. Now that's more like it. I love the patchwork sneaky-snake. :drool: Gotta wait till it goes on sale, tho'
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: