What is this bag called and is it nice IRL?

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  1. One of my NYC SA's sent these pics and Im intrigued...LOL
    I kinda dig the purple one,hehe
    not bad at 2350.but wanna make sure its a functional bag?Anyone see it IRL?TIA!

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  2. On the Road. I saw this in the Violet color earlier and it is amazing. Better than the blue, black, and coral. Totally hawt! My pick for spring! :yahoo:
  3. I know,Im totally liking the purple but Im trying to be boring and get it in black/red..LOL...I keep looking at the purple..sigh
  4. Hi Jill, its called the 'On the Road' tote. It comes in 2 sizes. The $2350 one as shown in your pics is the medium size. Its made of shiny irridescent caviar. Here's the modelling pic from my SA:

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  5. The attached picture does not do the tote justice. I saw it side by side with the denim-like blue, black and coral and it stood out. I'm trying to be good as well... saving up for the RTW. :nuts:
  6. The modelin pic shows it wider at the top?That kinda bugs me..LOL
  7. The dimensions are 16x10x7inch
  8. Ooh love! Anyone know what the inside is like? Open? dividers?
  9. Per my SA
    the widest part it is 18 inches long and 10 inches tall. It has 2 open parts and the middle part has a zipper closure.

    It could work over shoulder with light coat, but not a moncler type of jacket.
  10. Here's the pic from my SA

  11. Ooooh, love it!
  12. how come the pics i got look more SQUARE??LMAO!
    SSC..is yours the 2350 size..maybe its a different size?
  13. I love the purse part, but not a fan of the straps. I think it kind of cheapens the whole bag... maybe?
  14. I have to say i DO WISH the straps were chain entwined...I agree the straps loook cheap(Maybe thats why its under the 3000 range?LMAO!)
  15. [​IMG]

    I don't know what size/price my picture is. She sent me pics, but no info.

    I put these two pics together so we could see if they are the same size. Hmm...they look it to me, but who knows...

    I agree about the straps.