What is this bag all about ??

  1. my dad got it for me and i need yall's honest opinion!! I DON'T WANT TO WEAR IT OUT AND LOOK CRAZY, i'm not to fond of it but let me know what you think!!!!:confused1:


  2. wow is that a new model from coach? I never saw it from store.
    you want honest opinion right? (it is very nice of your dad got a bag for you)
    this bag doesn't have signiture coach look (if you want that than it's ok)
    although many tag on the bag tell you. I think it's little crazy but if you want sometning diff. than i guess it is way to go!!
  3. I've never seen that style bfore...

    Is it authentic? ^^;
  4. um, fake
  5. Hi.. sorry but it looks a little tacky with all the tags... I wouldn't wear it myself though:sweatdrop:
  6. I agree with the others. this looks very fake. I've never seen this before...Sorry!
  7. yes looks fake:throwup:
  8. Errrr, I think it's fake....
  9. I'm not quite so sure that it's fake. I think I actually did see something like this once.
    However, even if it IS authentic, I'm still not diggin' it. Sorry.
    That being said, I think it's incredibly sweet that your Dad would buy you a purse.
  10. Im thinking its fake?? But Im not sure! Anyway, I wouldnt wear it if it was real. Sorry! But what I would do is wear it if you are going to see your Dad. Just to make him feel good lol. It was super sweet of him to buy it for you!
  11. Oh...just saw the plastic on the handles....FAKE!
  12. I agree with others....it's fake :throwup:
  13. I agree but didn't want to be the first one to say so. I think someone posted a picture on here of a bag with the labels on it, but it wasn't the same style. It was a year or two ago. I don't come here that much anymore, so I can't remember when it was.

    In the second picture, is that a Coach hang tag in the upper right corner? Jasmin, where did your dad buy it.
  14. The plastic is what is covering the strap to protect it.
  15. Sweet of your father but shameful of the makers. Its a fake bag and illegal. Sorry.