What is this bag a knock-off of?

  1. I bought this bag for cheap from H&M recently. All of their bags are (I think) knock-offs of popular styles. I recently recognized the MJ stam knock-off. I really like this one even in it's cheap form. I don't have really high-end bags, mostly Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, and lately (except for this) I've been fairly snotty about bags.

    So what designer bag does this look like? Bare with me if it takes me awhile to get the picture attached (and sorry it's a crappy camera phone pic).

  2. It's cute !
  3. I have no idea
  4. I do not recognize anything fimiliar with this one..
  5. there is a bad similar to that in this months instyle. i have to look for it.
  6. it kind of reminds me of a marc jacobs flap bag. i dont know the name but i've seen a shorter in heigh version. sort of like a purse/ handbag for daytime. hope that helps!
  7. no sorry i made a mistake, the shape is similar to a few new bags featured on 210 but it is not really a "knock off" persay. the buckle has that marc jacobs look. it is cute!
  8. It doesn't look like a copy of anything. It does have some elements of Marc Jacobs, but I'd hardly call it a knock off. It's quite cute, actually.
  9. It's cute! Does it come in several colours?
  10. Well, interesting! Since H&M is such a huge retailer I guess "knock-off" might be the wrong word since they would change the designs of what the bags are "inspired" by at least a fair amount. However, I definitely recognized a bag that was VERY Stam-like.

    I found this bag in the sale section recently and it was only $15. It's not real leather but since it's a fake patent leather it doesn't feel gross to the touch. I had wanted something shiny and in this color. I didn't see any others.

    Thanks so much for everyone's imput! I feel better about this now that I know it's not at least an OBVIOUS copy!
  11. Before reading the other posts, I thought--there is a hint of Marc Jacobs, but MJ takes elements from other designers, too, so I wouldn't call it a knock-off, but some inspiration from MJ, perhaps.
  12. i dunno.