What is this backpack called?

  1. I saw this pick of Kane West with this cool backpack. Just wanna know if it's an SO item or if there's a name for it. Help!!!

  2. It's called the Christopher- I believe it was a limited 2005 release.
  3. Aww, thanks.
  4. A few people on tPF have that one. I remember seeing pics of it. I've seen it come up on eBay before but everyone wants that backpack, including my DH!
    Another actor also has that same bag that I've seen in photos.
  5. mmmmmmmmmm.... Christopher... :drool:
  6. Yeah, thats the Christopher, I wanted one since it came out. But here in the UK the mono one is/was £2280, thats like $4540. A........ummmm........ little/lot/very much out of my price range.
  7. Also came in black epi for waaaaay more $