What is this B-bag and how much?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'd love to get one. The lady in the pic is Maggie Cheung, one of my favorite actresses. Does anybody know which B-bag this is, and how much does it go for?

  2. looks like the pink metallic shoulder from Fall 05
  3. Agreed! It looks nice on her.
  4. Does anybody know how much it costs?
  5. that is "the shoulder" it retails for $695, I sold the same one but in magenta on ebay recently:shame:
  6. It looks like the satin type for me.. the satin B bag
  7. there is a magenta bbag like this on bluefly now for 600 dollars. It isn't metallic though. If you use coupon code missedyou762 you can get another 15% off, bringing the total to 510 dollars.
  8. I just ordered the magenta bag on Bluefly - hopefully I'll love it, its my first B-bag.
  9. Congrats! I got my first b-bag a couple weeks ago...there is no looking back now! You will love it. I just ordered a second color!:nuts:

    Looking forward to your pics!
  10. WHOA! What did you get?
  11. Agree with Superbaby ... I believe that it's the Satin bag ... from a couple of years ago (in other words, don't believe that it's available anymore) ...
  12. ^^ I'm not sure it is the satin - they had really bright gold hardware which would be obvious in this pic. It doesn't look that bright to me.