What is this B-bag and how much?


Feb 17, 2006

I'd love to get one. The lady in the pic is Maggie Cheung, one of my favorite actresses. Does anybody know which B-bag this is, and how much does it go for?

there is a magenta bbag like this on bluefly now for 600 dollars. It isn't metallic though. If you use coupon code missedyou762 you can get another 15% off, bringing the total to 510 dollars.
winternight said:
I just ordered the magenta bag on Bluefly - hopefully I'll love it, its my first B-bag.

Congrats! I got my first b-bag a couple weeks ago...there is no looking back now! You will love it. I just ordered a second color!:nuts:

Looking forward to your pics!
Superbaby said:
It looks like the satin type for me.. the satin B bag

Agree with Superbaby ... I believe that it's the Satin bag ... from a couple of years ago (in other words, don't believe that it's available anymore) ...