What is this apple guard?

  1. What is apple guard? a protectant or cleaner? I have always been told not to use anything on the bags. My SA says to "Give them Life" He's oh so French. "Vuitton is made to be used, any mark or scratch is a result of you and your experiences, which makes the bag even more personal". Then he gave us the story of in France "Broken in is a much better look, it gives the piece history, women will give their new bags to little children to play with in the garden, so the bags will look like they have been around." (Imagine that in a french accent) My husband couldn't keep a straight face! I heard that a decade ago and took it heart and use all my bags as normal. Anytime something leaves a mark we just laugh and go "it just got some more life" :lol:
  2. Hi
    apple guard, conditions the leather .. they also make a stain repellent, which is good to put on the leather, so you repel water stains.
    I have used it. It works really nice. Just make sure you dont over apply!. just lightly spray the leather, let dry and re- apply. the leather lightens back up to original color.. you can also, apply the leather conditioner( I used coach's, since I had it). some say to apply it before you spray.. i did it both ways, didnt see a difference.. also, the conditioner is good to rub on you canvas. I was told the SA to use the coach conditioner on my cerises pochette( especially on the cerises). I guess it keeps it from peeling or cracking ( which i heard can happen)

    good luck! its worth trying
  3. Ahhh sooooo, I see.
    Thanks for the info, I have never heard of using anything before I found this site.
  4. 100% agree!!!:smile: