What is this a copy of?

  1. I bought a bag for $20 on the street in NYC. I want the real of whatever it is. I love it and I have no idea if it is a knockoff of something or just a random bag I bought on the street.

    hopefully I can upload a pic but until them maybe if I describe it. If it were real it would be a leather bag. It is big. It hangs to my thigh when over my shoulder. The 2 most uniques qualities are that when you unbutton the bag the inside is entirely drawstringed. There is no zipper just a drawstring and then a button above it. Also rivetted on the bottom sides of the bag is this rubber. I guess to make it last longer.

    I will try to upload a pic asap. Maybe later tonight or tommorrow. But if anyone has a guess of what it might be a knock off of.... I love it! Ugh!
  2. Would it be a Bulga?

    Does it look something like this?
  3. If you post a pic, that would help a lot more......hopefully it wasn't a knock-off or a replica.....
    ETA: That Bulga is very cute!!!
  4. I'll post a pic soon. I am just dying to know what it is right now! And then get my hands on one. I wonder if it supposed to be a copy or just a cute bag. The lady at the stand started yelling at me when I tried to take a picture and so I sent my friend back to just buy the damn thing later. She probally thought I was the Designer Handbag Police.

    It doesn't have any fake names on it. Later on in the day we saw one that had a Dolce and Gabbana pin tacked in it. But, Lord knows they stick those pins on anything and it doesn't look like any D&G I have seen.

    It doesn't look like the Bulga. The drawstring is on the inside. It is a beautiful choclate color.

    As soon as my other computer quits doing it's damn updating and virus running I will send a pic.
  5. ok, now with some photos. I think this might be similar to a Kooba bag. ?? I am still trying to figure out. I love the Kooba bags. I had never heard of them before!
    bag 1.JPG bag 2.JPG
  6. Oooooh, I don't know what it's a copy of, but I want to know where in NYC you got it...

    I think it's pretty and I don't normally like brown or drawstring.
  7. In a street market south of Trump Tower on 5th Ave.

    We came out Trump Tower. Turned downtown and it couldn't have been a block when we came across this market.

    But, I think it is modeled after the Kooba Ginger bag. Atleast that is the bag I have come across in my research that I have my eye on now.

    The chocolate Kooba bag is Gorgeous!!
  8. i think it's a cute bag, but as a bag addict myself, i've never seen anything like it.
  9. i've never seen anything like it...
    maybe it's not a knock off?
  10. The handles sort of remind me of a Carlos Falchi Boat Tote, but it doesn't look like the Boat Tote in any other way. It almost seems like a hybrid of many different bag styles. It's cute!
  11. [​IMG]

    I think its a copy of a Botkier Bombay hobo.
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