What is there to do in Houston?

  1. So, I'm taking a little weekend trip to Houston here in a couple of weeks. It's going to be an interesting trip because I'm visiting a guy that I don't know very well! Sooo are there any TPF'ers on here that are familiar with the city and can recommend some things to do? I mean, anything, guys! From good places to eat to hangout spots, whatever. I've never been so I have nooo idea. Thanks in advance...you guys are always the best!
  2. I'm from Houston and there's really not much to do, lol. The best place for nightlife is Rice Village. There are a bunch of bars/clubs and you can go from one to the next. Downtown and midtown are also popular at night, but i think they are overrated. We also have a bunch of musuems and theatres if you're into that. For shopping, definitely go to the Galleria. We have so many luxury stores over there. if you're looking for deals, go to Katy Mills mall, which is a bunch of outlets. As for restaurants, we have so many that I can't really recommend one. Hope this helps.
  3. Whew, it's been a while since I've been to Houston... as huong said before, shopping at Katy Mills and the Galleria is a must. Katy Mills is more of an outlet mall, while the Galleria is all about luxury. I never really clubbed when I lived there, but I've heard there's good clubs downtown. There's the zoo, if you're a geek like myself (I practically went every weekend); NASA, which is way overrated; we used to have Astroworld but I hear it's closed now... so basically just a lot of shopping and traffic LOL.
  4. I have lived in Houston for years and I think that it is a great city. There are all sorts of things to do if you think about it. We have many professional sports: hockey, football, basball, basketball etc. See if you can get tickets when you go.
    There are great concerts & plays every weekend
    There are great museums if that is your cup of tea
    The shopping is FABULOUS.
    They have well respected restaurants: Here are a few for you to check out
    (Brennans, The Strip House, Vic & Anthony's, Cafe Annie, Ruggles, Mark's, Morton's, Quattro, Rouge, Tony's)

    As for night life, I have heard that the ZaZa hotel is the hot spot right now. They have a club in there that is uber trendy.

    I think Houston as a whole is a misunderstood city. It is a large city but it is totally "urban sprawl". Unlike NY & chicago- houston is very spread out. I am sure if your friend has been here for a while, they can be your guide.
  5. aw you guys are soo helpful! thanks soo much!!! the galleria definitely is a MUST! but it sounds like a really fun city and i'm super excited.
  6. Yes, the city is very spread out. You have to drive everywhere and good hangout spots are not very concentrated in one area. Just be careful if you are downtown; I'm sure your friend will warn you. Do not expect it to be like other major cities (NYC,SF,Chicago, etc.).