What is the worst quality chanel bag you've owned?

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  1. Just had to pose this question as well. Would help too if you remember when you bought it and how the quality issue was resolved (i.e. exchanged for another, repaired, returned it entirely).

  2. None yet...so far all of mine have not had any problems.:tup:
  3. I think chanel bags are probably the best quality bags I own. No problems at all!
  4. baby cabas!
  5. my blue east and west! the strap came undone totally and is being fixed at the moment.
  6. I have not had any problems at all..I have a lot of older ones given to me by my mom and they still look good.
  7. my baby bronze cabas. the new version-the leather started to come out of the chain, it went back to neimans and i got an lv.
  8. I bought a black patent jumbo and the quilting was really uneven and lumpy. Also, I saw the outline of the rectangular piece tha holds the CC turnlock on the surface my bag. Patent leather bags seem to have more irregularities. I actually had to call a chanel boutique on the other side of the country to have another sent to me!
  9. Hmm... I had a green perfo e/w and after using it for half an hour, I noticed that the leather on an area of the chain strap was sticking straight up! :wtf: I was extremely annoyed... I actually ended up exchanging it for a soft caviar white medium flap with the MM lock and chains, which was ultimately a better bag for me anyway. :heart:

    My black caviar Jumbo flao had a similar issue where I noticed a bit of leather on the chain strap sticking up (you really have to examine the straps for any of those unglued portions, and I'm extremely picky), so back it went for another, perfect black Jumbo. :tup:

    My Khaki Baby Cabas from last year has an area on the back of the Medallion where the rose gold color has basically faded to silver... I think this has happened to other pfers too, and I'm definitely annoyed by it, but fortunately it's on the back part of the Medallion and not really seen, so I can deal with it.

    I guess considering the number of bags I have, the few issues I've had aren't so bad :shrugs:... and at least the first two I mentioned were resolved. :smile:
  10. Me too, considering the number of bags I have, my issues have been very minimal.
  11. My first Cloudy Bundle tote had a bum handle (broke off from the hardware) but the second one is holding up fine so far.

    I have also noticed my black metallic deerskin Luxury bowler has faded over the past year to where the metallic is showing through, but it still looks pretty. I'm not ready to fork it over to Nordstrom for either return or repair.