What is the weirdest thing you have ever hauled in your car/vehicle?

  1. Bees. My dad was a bee keeper when I was younger and I would go with him to take the honey to be extracted. There would still be bees on the frames and they would fly around the car.
  2. The bronze plate that was to be installed on my dad's headstone for his grave.
  3. I'm not sure how weird this is but we drove about 650 miles home with a newly adopted cat :smile:
  4. My brother and I bought a baby pool once for my dog. It was the molded plastic kind from Wal-Mart with a built-in slide. We put it on top of his SUV and had to drive really slow. I also bought a very large dog crate when I used to have a Miata.
  5. My kid sister.
  6. Pumpkins. Piles and piles of huge pumpkins, close to 23 hah

    I keep tons in my house every fall because they are one of my fave things, love getting them more than flowers from SO- I take them to our halloween party every year in my hometown for decor, so they all get loaded up in the back seat and front seat and trunk for the journey.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Good one!

    I cant really think of anything "weird":shrugs:
  8. i managed to get a MIKAEL corner workstation desk from Ikea in my car.. and later my dad bought one and couldn't get it to fit in his SUV. lol. he was like, "how the heck did you fit it in your CAR, and i can't get it into the SUV!!" :lol:
  9. The kitchen sink. Seriously. I have a small 2-seater convertible car and I had to pick up my special order large 2-bowl sink from Home Depot. As it turns out, the box wouldn't fit in my trunk. So I had to put the sink in the passenger seat ... but it wouldn't fit unless I put the top down.

    So picture me, driving down the highway, with the top down and the kitchen sink in the passenger side ... I'm lucky I didn't get pulled over!
  10. a dead body...hahaha just kidding.
  11. Antique 6 ft elephant tusks - large suv & barely fit
  12. Plastic gag "poop" on the passenger floorboard.
  13. I helped a friend of mine move once. She had the brilliant idea of putting a mattress on the top of my SUV at the time. It wasn't tied down enough, so since I have no concept of how to drive below the speed limit, the mattress went flying off on the NJ turnpike. Ah them were the days.
  14. my dog's stool sample on the way to the vet.
  15. A golden retriever and an orange tree. At the same time. In a tiny car...

    It was when I moved ten years ago. There are some things you just trust the movers with ;)