What is the weight of your heaviest bag?

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Weight of your heaviest bag

  1. Under 2 lb

  2. Between 2 to 3 lb

  3. Between 3 to 4 lb

  4. over 4 lb

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  1. From my previous purchase mistakes, I have learned that weight is an important factor in my bag choice. I can never forget the 5-lb plus (at least it seems to me) Chloe Betty that I bought and rid off for 40% of its original price. (Leather is sumptuous though.) My next heaviest bag, still in my possession, is the Chloe paddington, which weighs about 4 lb with its 0.5-lb chunky lock. I am keeping it, because I just love its leather and appearance (can't leave out the chunky lock either). To avoid developing uneven arms, I limit its use in occasions when I do not do much traveling/shopping. What a waste, you may say.

    Now, weight is an important factor in my checklist for bag shopping. What about you?

    Let's see how important weight is to you in your bag selection. Not counting travel carryon's and the handbags that you rid off, what is the weight of your heaviest bag in your CURRENT possession?
  2. My kooba paige is about 3, 3 1/2 punds when it is full....it reall doesnt bother me. I think if it got any heavier i would not like it tho!
  3. knics33, My current situation is like yours. The bags that I bought recently weigh 2 lbs or less when empty, and about 3 to 3.5 lbs when full. This weight range works best for me, too. Thus, I now target for bags that weigh no more than 2 lbs when empty (a little over is OK, if I really, really like the bag).
    Well, in some cases, I have to use a 0.5-lb bagmate for organizing the contents and protecting the bag lining. This is another 0.5 lb that I have to worry about, but is a must-have.
  4. I love big bags, so I have several 'weighty' bags. I have the Chloe Betty with the gold lock, which I think is heaviest of all Betty's (except the big Black double chain handle that I returned), but I love my Betty so much that I overlook the weight. I also have a Paddy tote/shopper with the zippered bottom and that seems the heaviest. But they look great!!
  5. I love thick & buttery leather but they are heavy. I have a Rafe New York large leather messenger with studs that is 5 lbs. My next is Isabella Fiore--about 3 lbs. I now moved on to lighter bags and started carrying LV. It is expensive for canvas but I love it.For travel, I love my Longchamp Le Pliage tote--lightweight,low maintenance,inexpensive,yet stylish and very popular in Europe.
  6. This is the best question ever! I have no idea how much my bags weigh, but I have to agree...I hate heavy bags.
  7. One of my heaviest bags is my MJ blake, I think it weighs over 3 lbs empty because of the three suede lined compartments. I'm use to carrying my bbag, so when I switched over to my blake I was shocked at the weight difference. But hey, what's fashion without a little pain, right?
  8. Some feel so heavy! I am trying to use some of my lighter weight bags.
  9. I have never weighed my bags but my heaviest bag is definitely my LV Alma when it is full. Its the worst bag to go shopping with.
  10. Between 3 to 4 lb!
  11. it's the chloé paddy, don't know how much is weighs though, maybe 3 lbs?
  12. My 35cm Birkin is very heavy when carrying a lot and because I am such a clutter-gathering girl, that is often. When I put it down I sometimes sigh with relief. Then again when I take off a lot of my beautiful but extremely high heeled shoes I also sigh with relief, but I never contemplate not wearing them!

    My featherlight Araline and surprisingly light Ebury are the thing when I need to be mobile and not exhausted by carrying my bag around!
  13. I'm not sure what it weighs, but my Luella "joni" bag is quite heavy, but i like heavy bags. For some bizarre reason i feel i'm getting more quality for my money with a heavy bag. Probably not the case at all. Just getting arm and shoulder pain:rolleyes:
  14. ^ oh yes, you're right, now that you mention it. my luella is way heavier than my paddy.
  15. I don't prefer large handbags or lots of hardware, so my heaviest bag is actually my Chanel classic flap!