What is the weather like today?

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  1. ..Continued here..since it was closed due to length.

    86 w/scattered clouds.
  2. Pretty cool out. When will we get clouds and rain? It's fall already!
  3. Lots and lots of rain and chilly
  4. 65
  5. 91 & Sunny
  6. cloudy, going to rain
  7. Raining right now
  8. rainy... wish it will finally start snowing
  9. Cold and overcast....
  10. Rain, rain and more rain
  11. cold and windy. low 40's and cloudy. Very blah day.
  12. 66
  13. very cold, 40 degrees and cloudy. Very cold for this time of year for this area.
  14. 68 :sunshine:
  15. rainy