What is the Wear & Tear like on the Paddington/Betty Leather????

  1. Am interested in both the Chloe Betty Hobo, (which has the same leather as the other Chloe Bettys), and/or the Chloe Paddington Hobo, (which has the same leather as all of the Paddingtons).

    How is the wear and tear on the leather? Does it show wear at the bottoms corners very quickly? Would appreciate hearing your observations.

    Thank you in advance!!!
  2. I have a mini paddington, and let me tell you, I am NOT good to my bags. I leave them around (even in the kitchen sometimes, which is dumb dumb dumb), I put them on the floor, I put stuff on top of it (like I'll leave it open on my kitchen counter and then bam, newspapers and mail and folders are on top of it) I carry them in the subway, and trust me, they've never seen the inside of a dustbag. I try to avoid it, but sometimes my paddy gets stuck in the rain. I'm a horrible person, really.

    BUT my paddy has held up beautifully. The color (argent) is still vibrant and isn't cracking at all (like, I saw someone's Anna Corinna City tote a few weeks ago, and the leather was all peely and cracky - blech!). There are no stains and the leather is still smooshy and smells great.

    I can't speak for the Betty, but Chloe is known for its leathers. If you're looking for durability, a Chloe will hold up like nothing else.
  3. I'm the same as daniela - my paddys get thrown on the car floor, set down on asphalt footpaths, chucked on the kitchen bench (right next to our coffee machine which splutters steam all over the place!), shoved into my metal desk drawers, scratched with my nails - the list is endless! I cram them full of sharp edges and water bottles. Today, my nutmeg has an A4 sized hardcover book in it. As I type, I can see a corner poking throught the leather LOL... daniela, you and I are going to paddington hell for this abuse!

    Seriously, though, the leather is fine. No stains, no rips, no nothing. There's not even a scratch mark. I think the paddington leather is made for wear and tear.
  4. I think it also depends on the leather itself. I saw a Betty Hobo that had very soft and silky leather and all the corners (piping) were rubbed. But my Betty Medium Satchel has a thicker leather and no wear thus far.

    My Paddy has amazing thick leather and no wear to speak of.
  5. paddington leather is thickier and grainier and betty leather is softer and a bit thinner as well, though the leather on my betty shopper is thicker than the one on my small betty satchel. no wear and tear yet on the betty and god knows i take it everywhere and i'm not particularly delicate with it either. it's been in bars, concerts, i take it to work and leave it lying around everywhere, it's been on the floor, etc... the leather has gotten softer - it's so soft it's almost silky and i admit it, i sometimes pet it :p it's that soft and smooth. but there is no sign of wear and tear, no rubbing on the corners, nothing.
  6. that's very reassuring. i look forward to breaking my new chloe in!
  7. The leather on the paddington is very durable!!! I toss my bags around and my kids have even gotten hold to them and they still look great.....
  8. So far no wear on my Paddy or Betty and I'm not the first owner of either. So, I can tell you that from my experience, these babies are built to be worn and last :tup:
  9. I own both and the durability is wonderful. That's the great thing about Chloe leather.
  10. my paddington is great..very thick and durable! but the other day i found scratch marks on the bag..was really upset as i feel i didnt take care of that bag! i think its more of my fault than the quality!
  11. No wear on my Paddys either..and one went through a torrential all day downpour in Nova Scotia of all places, and I live in a snowy, sleety climate. I never worry they are tough.
  12. I have the Chloe Betty Metallic. I use it everywhere and put it down anywhere. So far, only the handles got darker. Everything else is fine. Quality is great.