What is the wear and tear on a Bayswater REALLY like?

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  1. So, I've been thinking about adding another bag to my collection. I am currently contemplating a LV Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene and a Mulberry Bayswater.

    I love the fact that the LV's are pretty much indestructable and they hold up very well. Even after years of use they still pretty much look like new bags. What I don't like however is that fact that they don't feel or look very luxurious. Just a tiny bit of leather, mostly coated canvas. It just doesn't really give me that special feeling.

    The Mulberry Bayswater however feels very luxurious. I think it's so stunning and lucious! BUT...I am kind of worried about the wear and tear. I've had some issues with Mulberry items in the past. I had to get my Tamara scarf replaced within 3 months because of awful fraying and a Dorset that got it's edges scuffed within 6 months. And I most definitely don't abuse my items. I have also seen some pretty beat up Bayswaters over the years and I would hate to invest in a bag that ends up looking like that in just a couple of years. I would be devastated.

    So, are there any Bayswater owners out there that would like to share their experience on the wear and tear on their bag? Maybe accompanied with some images of your well-loved items? Or maybe some tips on keeping a Bayswater in good condition for as long as possible? I would very much appreciate it!
  2. oh my I am the princess of bayswaters! My 9th is on her way.
    My bags get USED, some more than others. Black nickel bays and blackforest bays get the heaviest use and they still look amazing in my opinion. I would most definitely recommend a bayswater. They just look so good. I also own a LV MM DE neverfull and although I like it no way does it compare to my bays. I would get bays first and neverfull after.
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  3. My vote is to bayswater. I love mine and after 7 years it is still beautiful. I used it quite a lot but I rotate my bags frequently. The leather is amazing and I feel good using it. I also have LV bags in canvas and idyll but bayswater has its greater appeal due to the leather.
  4. Thanks you! I am glad to hear that your Bayswaters have held up well! Maybe those beat up Bays look like that because they actually have been beaten up pretty badly... So definitely worth the plunge? I will be rotating it with my other bags as well. I own a Neverfull in Monogram but I put that one up for sale recently. Just not totally in love with the bag and the monogram is just a bit too much for me. I actually feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it. I was hoping I'd like the damier ebene one better, but I just don't know. It just doesn't seem to give me the same feeling as a Bays. A friend of mine has a Bays in Putty and it just feels and looks so nice. The leather...:heart:
  5. I really don't think you can go wrong with the bays. I like my DE neverfull but it is nothing like the love I have for my bayswaters!
  6. I've had my bays for 2 years and i've used it pretty much daily and I think it's in pretty good condition. It is a little worn in the corners from being carried on really busy london commuter tube trains where I'm squashed up against other people sadly :sad: But I think it's holding up very well and doesn't look horrible...

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  7. Wear & tear looks gorgeous.:loveeyes:
    On classic nvt, in my experience.
    As above stated, bit corner scuffing--maybe slight color loss over time.
    Sometimes flap ends want to curl up--can be disciplined.;)
    And hardware gets use scratches.

    Those trashed to f*** bays you see were abused.
    Possibly dragged behind wild horses, then run over by army tanks.
    And yet--people buy them. Because still held up, despite repeated beatings & baaaaad owners:nono:.
    And mostly can be restored.

    So, when cared for, classic leather bays age great.
    Better than my jeans, anyhow. Which die regularly & horribly in tragic clothing accidents. Because I'm clumsy & foolish.
    (Hmm. Should sell denim remnants on ebay...:lol: List as, "normal wear & tear.":roflmfao:)
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  8. I do so love my Bays. :smile:
  9. It all depends on which leather you go for tbh. Some are meant to age over time and will look "well loved" after use others will stay the same.
  10. When I lived in the uk I saw bays everywhere and there was one lady who carried a ink stained one around I saw all the time. I always thought it just had a lot of character. I was in between a bays and a LV totally mm. Ultimately I chose the totally because of the weight. I have two kids and a lighter bag filled with kid essentials seemed like a better option. I'm happy with my decision but I still find bays pretty. I won't buy another bag as large because the totally fits the purpose for me.
  11. Well, I am convinced. I am now officially after a Bayswater. :biggrin: I have the funds set due to some recent sales, so all I have to do now is wait for the right color to come by. I don't suppose there are any Rose Petal ones left hitting the outlets, right? I noticed they had quite some rose petal items in stock the last time I visited the Dutch outlet store, but I don't recall a Bays unfortunately. Would love to find a Bays in a color like that. Or some other pink/nude/light taupe/light grey color. I can't wait!! :nuts:
  12. I've had my oak Bayswater for 10 years (it's the older Darwin leather, but similar to the current NVT), and it has been used for anything; carry-on, shopping bag, weekend bag, work bag, school bag and dog bed. It has been out in sun, rain and snow. I've treated it with Collonil spray and more recently also the gel.

    It still looks lovely I think, even with the marks from rain and general wear. It has battle scars - but I think it suits this bag well. It has never been repaired.


    After 10 years, the corners are worn, and it's not the piping, so when it breaks, I'll have to replace the bag rather than have it repaired, but it is still far from happening. You can see a picture here - I have just used Collonil gel on the bag and it makes it look less obvious IRL

  13. I think the bayswater ages really well and is a beautiful bag. The only problem I have with it is its heavy. For example I want to use it tomorrow for my brothers graduation but after packing all my stuff needed in it ( heels to change into etc) it's way too heavy to hold standing all day. So I have put everything back in my neverfull, despite it not being anywhere near as smart looking. Shame. Still love my bays though!
  14. I totally agree - stunning bag (and I own two) however I do find that they are very heavy to hold/carry for any period of time.

    Wear in my opinion is good but I don't mind it when they soften up a little