What is the upcoming trend for jeans?

  1. I've read that wide leg is comng in style. Does anyone have a link or a pic, just wondering how wide? Also is it higher rise, how high? And the color, which colors, dark, light, distressed?
  2. I will never let go of my bootleg jeans!

    However, skinny jeans on men (not the ones that look like denim tights!) has grown on me and I find myself wearing them more and more.
  3. Ack! Wide leg is going to look awful on me, you have to be really tall and skinny to pull it off otherwise you look like a tree stump.
  4. Not a fan of wideleg. I like my bootcut jeans. :smile:
  5. I'm thinking no on the wide leg jeans. If I had a skinny waist (which I no longer do, thank you pregnancies), I *might* consider wide leg pants or jeans paired with a very fitted top, but since my waist is gone and I'm more of a boy shape now, I'll have to forego the wide legs!!!

    I'll stick to my bootcuts and skinny jeans.
  6. Oh, and I've also seen high-waisted jeans in the stores. I can't think of anything less flattering!!!! (unless you're 5'10" and 100lbs)

    That's all we need, a return to Mom Jeans!!!!
  7. Ya. I hope those high waisted jeans don't catch on much. I don't particularly like them! I think skinny jeans are still hot on the market though.
  8. Higher waisted, in both skinny and wide leg.
  9. Thank god wide legs are coming back! That's a HUGE victory for those of us with *thunder thighs* :shame:
  10. Exactly what you said - UPcoming!

    The 15 minutes of trashy Paris Hilton style coin slot jeans are mercifully coming to a close, and while neither I nor anyone is likely to suggest that the world will be rushing en masse to swath themselves in the ballooning unloveliness of the dread momjean, what we will see - what we are already seeing - is a return to the more classic navel-vicinity rise, and the brief flashpop of "skinny jeans" notwithstanding, we are also seeing a return of the straight leg, to go with that moderate rise, meaning that even people who do not have to worry about the cost will not have to buy new jeans next year, or the year after that, unless they just can't bear the thought of spending the money on anything else. ;)
  11. I love the wide leg, narrow waist look, think it is very elegant!
  12. I think high waisted is coming.
  13. :wtf: :wtf: I hope not;)
    I love my lo rise jeans and will never go back to high waists !
  14. ^clake: i love my skinnies as well. straight cut is fab too... i don't wear bootcuts any more! i feel so childish when i wear them!