What is the ultimate sassy shoulder bag?

  1. I'm looking for something leather (no crazy colors!), casual, not too huge but definitely not small, and something under $750 (That's why I had to rule out the Chloe paddington........ :cry: ) Since I've purchased a lot of handbags lately, I'm looking for a shoulder bag. If you could include pix that would be great!

    Waiting to fall in love with some of your suggestions! :love:
  2. I love my IF Audra.. but you might want to look at the bag that Gucci has on sale. Some of them is gorgeous.. though I don't personally love the bags myself.
  3. Hmm. Challenging, challenging... :amuse: How about this Tod's? It's actually more casual than it looks (Gwyneth Paltrow has one that she wears w/ jeans and tees)...

    It's $553 at eLuxury now (down from 790!)
  4. Versace has some seriously sassy bags, I admit they are sometimes (maybe often rather) over-the-top, but they pack a helluva lotta attitude into a small bag. I especially like their biker bags, I just don't have the guts to wear it out yet. I think that Kenneth Cole had a great hobo with whipstiching and studs, but I don't know its name unfortunately .. both would ring in under your budget though! :amuse:
  5. i've been a big fan of Kooba! how about Sienna (in cream) or Marcelle (in cognac), $595 each?
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  6. I agree with spiralsnowman. I think Tod's is a great choice!!! ;)
  7. That's the one I want but in dark red (as pictured), but eLuxury only has it in dark brown... :sad2:
  8. I think Marc by Marc Jacobs, he's got some wonderfully sized, unique shoulder bags, check out online: NM, Saks, eluxury, Nordstrom, Shop Bop. Interestingly, Anthropologie has some very cute, unique bags as well.
  9. Anthropologie has cute bags....except for the fact that they are often overpriced and poor quality. I worked for Anthropologie throughout school, and despite what I've said about their bags, I do love the place. Unless it's a brand that is not part of Anthropologie (they've carried Lulu Guiness for instance), their in-house labels are overpriced in terms of bags. Some of the leather bags that I thought were really cute this season, don't even feel like leather bags when seen in person.
  10. For me, sassy + bag always equals metallics and lots of bells and whistles. I would have to say the Fendi Spy metallic.. as definately the winner of sass (and non-ugly, there are some bags that try but man, they fail!).

    For that price range, how about a Marc Jacobs bag ? Marc by Marc Jacobs (the cheaper line) has some really edgy looking bags.
  11. Darn I don't see it on eluxury anymore...do you know the name?
  12. What about this bag? Weird or sassy? I dunno about the mesh part...but I like the price and shape! [​IMG]