What is The Trait You Most Deplore In Yourself ?

  1. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself ?
  2. :busted

    I can be very judgemental...even of myself.

    I tend to meet someone and form my opinion about them in the first 5 minutes....not very nice I know....but I try to catch myself doing it so I can stop!!
  3. Superficialities. It's something that I really have to work to overcome - I find myself thin slicing everything about people. The worse is how I can't deal with ignorant people, I will just shut down.
  4. I am very trusting. I am learning (hard) NOT to be.
  5. PROCRASTINATION -- I can never seem to get anything done.

    Next would be over-emotionalism. I over-react to everything and often end up embarrassing myself with tears and big scenes over minor issues.

    Also selfishness, I feel badly that I don't really do enough to help other people.
  6. I hold grudges terribly.:yucky:
  7. Procrastination! I put off everything!!
  8. that would have to be that i can never really forgive. I will say ok i forgive you but i will never forget and mentally i will always hold a grudge against you.
  9. Procrastination and irresponsibility.
  10. Same here. BF hates it cause people take advantage of it.
  11. Procrastination

    Lack of self confidence, not taking my work/self seriously
  12. Procrastination- I tend to run late often- not a good quality. I also can wait until the last minute to do something... I'm working on it though!
  13. procrastination - it's become really bad
    impatience - i have no tolerance for big crowds, loud noise, and ignorant, stupid people
    spinelessness - this is the word my boyfriend uses on me. he says i'm completely spineless because my 'friends' call me only when they need a favor, and i can't bring myself to refuse, because i'm afraid of offending them. so he says this will make everyone take advantage of me.
  14. I hate the fact that I rely on shopping as I do. When I am bored...I go shopping. When I am upset...I go shopping. Lonely...shopping. I guess its better than drugs...
  15. Procrastination for me too. If I need to do something I don't want to do it can take me months to get around to it. It's really quite pathetic.