What is the SV/AE color code?

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  1. What does AE stand for??

    the style number is 1741

    here's the item...i bought this a while back and i keep inventory and I can't figure out what color this is...

  2. No idea, but usually all or most of the JAX folks know the color codes, just call and ask them.
  3. oh ok...i will try that...thanks..
  4. amethyst
  5. Ah ha, makes perfect sense now. :P
  6. really??? i thought about that...but it doesn't seem right??
  7. Here is how I thought about it...first three letters are AME....it would make sense that they would use AM but maybe they already have an AM like for amber or something of that sort and had to use AE instead. This is how my brain works sometimes...randomly.

    Just a thought.
  8. well jax was closed only the call center was open so i will try tomorrow...anyone with this color??
  9. Did you see the thread from peacocky?
  10. when I ordered my amethyst legacy mini skinny the color code was AE, unfortunately it is brass and not silver. I really love silver hardware, but I'll deal with it.
  11. the legacy amethyst is the same color code, just with a different hardware color code.