What is the style name of my new MJ?

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  1. I was minding my own business at Nordstrom Rack today when this caught my eye and ended up coming home with me. It was on sale for $460 (originally $950). Good deal? I hope so! The leather is so luxurious but also very light. It's open at the top, just like a tote, so there is TONS of room for EVERYTHING.


    Serial # is C363026. I know that it is a 2006 Resort bag but I'm wondering what the style name is...I've never seen it around.

    Anyway, it's my bday gift to myself :smile: Good choice?

    15.5 x 12 x 8"
    Colors: Black, Bisque, Cherry, Plum,
  3. I guess there's no official name other than the Quilted Signature Leather Tote. The other bags in this line had names, ie Irina, but I don't believe this one did.

    Congrats on your buy! It's a good deal.
  4. gorgeous! happy birthday
  5. hot damn! nice bag! which NR may i ask????
  6. ah thank you :smile: NR in Colma, CA

    i had to choose between this rich color and bisque, an ecru/cream color. i hope i made the right decision!!!
  7. Nice present to yourself! Happy Birthday ichelle!!!:flowers:
  8. aww thank you :heart:
    btw, this is what the other color looks like
  9. The color is beautiful! Happy birthday!!
  10. Very nice!!