What is the style/birthday of my Motorcycle bag?

  1. I stopped my a great consignment store today and came home with my first Balenciaga. I've always wanted a motorcycle bag! I don't know anything about Balenciaga so could you gals please help me find out when it was made and what style it is? Thank you!

    the "i" is lowercase.
  2. Judging by the bale and the proximity of the studs to the buckles, that's a fake bag. Also, the #code should be 103208 for a Firts, I think that one has a City code in it.

    Did you pay a lot for it? I'll let others weigh in on the authenticity, but it should be returned.
  3. :crybaby:oh no. i am so sad!! what should i do?!
  4. Hi Ichelle,
    Like I said, let others weigh in on authenticity, but I'm almost 100% sure you bought a fake, I'm so sorry.

  5. omg eliza! the stam i just bought at the same store is also FAKE!!!! OMG!!! :cursing: what am i going to do?! will they let me get a refund?!?!?! what should i say?
  6. Hi Ichelle,

    i'm really sorry to say but im like 98% positive that bag is fake, it just looks completely wrong.

    i hope you didn't pay alot for the two of them
  7. Oh no!! That's horrible, I'm SO SO sorry :crybaby:

    I really hope you can get a refund based on the fact that it's fraud. Please let us know if they take them back!
  8. thank you. i feel so stupid :cry: i really thought i was in a reputable consignment store, given that the lady told me she's been in business for 10 years there.
  9. I want to add that the ladies in the MJ forum had some great advice - it's completely illegal to sell fakes and I would attempt to involve authorities if possible. The industry of fake luxury items is being taken more and more seriously so threatening her with calling the cops if she won't refund you may work. I know that here in Toronto, they have been cracking down hardcore on people who are selling fake bags - actually arresting them. Good luck!
  10. Please don't feel stupid! You are not the first or second or third.... person to be duped by a fake! It's shame on them, not on you!
  11. thank you, eliza. i will report them now on that site. what a nightmare!
  12. im so sorry! but don't feel stupid everyone gets fooled by something once or twice and if your not a balenciaga expert how where you to know? esp. if it was an expensive bag

    if you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for it
  13. i was charged $350 for this thing! :sad: i thought it was fair since it was a "second-hand" bag, and did not look brand new. what's worse is that i didn't realize until i got home that she had even wrote it was "faux" on the receipt!
  14. ^^ uh oh... there's problem there.... i was hoping you could go back and demand a refund for false advertisement.. but either way, it looks like u're gonna have to pull the authorities in for the fact that she's selling fakes... but threaten first anyways to get your refund. then its up to u whether u want to carry it through... although you'd be doing all of us a favour by reporting that store! :yes: