What is the strangest question you have gotten?

  1. I just got an email on eBay asking "Do you still have the bag in hand"? WTF does that mean?
    What is the strangest question you have ever gotten?
  2. My interpretation of that question would be, "Do you still have the bag in your possesion?" or "Do you have the bag close by?" Maybe the person wanted more pics???? :shrugs:

    I haven't sold a lot on eBay so I haven't been ask anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Will you ship to an address to a person i dont even know?
    I deleted that one, they should know about confirmed addresses.
  4. i don't think thats a strange question, they are just asking if you still have the bag in your possession.
  5. Perhaps their english is bad. I often ask people for a picture of them holding the bag to confirm that they have actually got the item they are listing!
  6. Although I got a bid of an odd question last week. I was selling some Gucci shoes and a buyer asked if I could take a picture of myself wearing the shoes. I replied yes, send me your email address and he did. He then asked once I had sent them was I wearing stockings or tights in the photo WTF! Yes the buyer was called Adam!!! Anyway I never replied and he never bid!
  7. Adam never bid nor replied because Adam is a FREAK. In fact, I don't even want to THINK about what he did with those photos. :throwup:. That is exactly why I never even answer questions like those. Why in the hell would anyone need to see your feet in a pair of shoes they are interested in buying? Your feet don't come with the shoes and are no indication of what the shoes will look like when worn since everyone's foot is different.
  8. I know! I always hate looking at auction pictures with peoples feet in the shoes- especially when there toes are not looking so pretty!

    I was'nt going to send the pictures but my bf said I was being silly!!!! Wont be doing that again
  9. I find the strangest questions are those that have answers on the description already. For example I give measurements in inches and cm, yet someone asks for them. Makes me wonder what the description section is for anyway if people don't read them?

    Some other strange questions are "do you think I will be able to fit a bottle in it?" and "do you think my book will fit inside"? I mean like I'm not a psychic I can't see how big your bottle and book are! Grr!
  10. Actually--there was a big to-do on eBay about this approximately 2.5 years ago. Apparently foot fetish buyers DO exist out there, and eBay cracked down on sellers who they thought might be marketing directly to them. (Not for nothing but a large part of eBay's corporate structure is in Utah, by the way, so I'm not saying it was a moral judgement on their part but...:rolleyes:) Anyway--I know of at least two sellers who got temporarily suspended because they innocently showed photos of shoes *on their feet* in the listing. :wtf: One girl I was acquainted with through the eBay forums actually got permanently banned from eBay and had her PayPal accounts taken away for good because of the whole mess (though to be honest she was catering directly to that market, and blatantly so).

    So, be careful with these foot fetish guys for several reasons. 1) yes they are probably freaks and it's nasty to think of what they're doing with the photos, 2) you don't want them getting your actual contact info if you can help it, and of course 3) one never knows if eBay is going to start up with the whole "prosecution" of sellers catering to foot fetishists, knowingly or not.
  11. Back to the question about the strangest questions I have received....I don't get a lot of weird questions but I do get a lot of STUPID questions (yes, they do exist),. For instance, the multiple people per week who email me from my listing for an authentication guide--the listing has a gallery photo of a blue bag but the listing makes it crystal clear in huge red letters that I am selling a GUIDE and not a bag (and that's the title of the listing too). I get soooo many emails from people asking things like "do u have this in black 4 same price." :rolleyes: Got one from one girl asking if I would consider sellling her two because her friend wanted one...so far so good, right? SHe might actually mean the Guide? And then she emails back, "and can my friend's be red????". :push:

  12. ^ That is totally cracking me up for some reason
  13. LOL Yeah, it is funny, actually! My husband always knows when I get those questions; I come out of my office all steamed up and he just starts giggling.
  14. Lol these are funny.
    I had a pair of shoes up that I had only worn once (they were WAY too painful) so I noted this and all other relevant info in the auction. This lady emails me and goes, "Do you have this same pair in a 9 or 10?"
    And I'm like, "I'm not a store...."
    Nicely, of course.
  15. CynthiaNYC - Yes, feet fetish people do exist. A high school friend of mine actually dated one, he was caressing her feet and started licking it in the cinemas. :yucky:

    Your second post was hilarious, it was GOLD! :roflmfao: