what is the smallest size for Hermes gloves?

  1. is it size 6? if so, argh! my hands are too teeny or maybe not.:shrugs: i tried on a pair today and the palm part fit but there was a wee bit of space on the fingertips. so i passed... gotta be perfect ya know. tia!

    *sigh* too bad as well cuz i adore the short version w/ the tiny H contrasting stitching. divine.:love:
  2. I don't know, but I know you want them snug, my friend has a pair, and they really 'give', so try to buy them snug if you can...

    (I'm a 6 too.....little hands - yours must be teeny:tender: !!)
  3. HL, I just found a 5 1/2 on a French re-seller's site today and it was the first pair I've ever seen that's smaller than a 6. I've attached a link to the gloves below. It might not be a style that appeals to you, but at least you know the size exists!

    OPPORTUNITES : Dépot - Vente d'accessoires de luxe
  4. It could be the cut. I'm generally a size 6 1/2 but found some cuts to be more snug than others. I also have quite long fingers so the H gloves fit me fine.

    If you have tiny hands with dainty fingers, maybe you should try the Loewe gloves - I've found those to be too short in the fingers.
  5. thanks ladies. honestly this is the first time that i've EVER had this problem. usually in the past, i had a hard enough time getting gloves that fit. the ones from Coach and BR tend to run a bit snug. oh well... maybe next time.
  6. I am hoping to try some on this weekend. I love the ones with the tiny H stitching too! :flowers:
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