What is the small/cute sized bag called? Newbie! help!

  1. Hi! I'm a Balenciaga newbie, so I'm sorry if I don't know much yet:shame:

    I'm finding it hard trying to differentiate between the styles of bags.. I'm looking for a smaller, cute version of the city (i think!). I checked out the reference section, but they just all to similar..I should get the hang of it like u gals in time.

    Could someone please tell me the styles of these ? TIA!
    jessalb.jpg AO%207.jpg LL%208.jpg
  2. It's a First :smile:
  3. The first two pics are of the "First" bag and the third is the "City" (the city has the zipper hanging out of each end of the bag). You can find more information in the Balenciaga reference section.

    I really like the First, but it's a little small for me. I'd thought the City might be too large, but I really love it's size now.

    The sizes are about:

    First 13"x7.5"
    City 15"x10"

    Good luck with your search! Just know that once you buy one, it's really hard to stop! :smile: And be sure to post pics when you get one!
  4. LOL just coming back to say that the third is a City. The First is quite small.
  5. LOL, thank u thank u so much girls!! I'm getting hooked.....
    These are my two fave styles so far! Okay got it, "First" and the classic -"City" :p