What is the slouchiest Hermès leather?

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  1. Hello forum!

    I want to order a 40cm black Birkin with gold hardware for everyday use and I want it to be in the slouchiest leather possible. My only other Birkin is a 60cm travel Birkin in togo, and if anyone thinks that Chevre or Clemence might offer a less structured form, then I would love to hear that, I just do not know which would be the "slouchiest." Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. Swift. Followed by clemence.
  3. ditto - some clemence is floopier than others
  4. I agree that it also depends on the leather. I would say my clemence is floopier than swift, and one of my clemence bags is floopier than the other even with the same use.

    Clemence in 40 will be very heavy though. Although if you have a 60 you are probably prepared for that!
  5. Thank you for your replies, I appreciate them. I made my decision and have been told that I will receive my 40cm clemence within the next few months, I am sure that I will adore it.