what is the size of this 2.55?

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  1. thanks denimbaggy! do you know which other colors? and where?

  2. i also saw a red mini flap lambskin one in the catalog at Chanel Amsterdam,and at the display-rack one are black and pink caviar.....it is a very cute mini flag bag....
    i am sure this mini flap bag availble at all chanel boutiques.....Oh...they also have a few reissue bag left there....
  3. pics of the small/mini Chanel flap bags....

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  4. oh my god! thanks for the pics they are divine!!!!

    i have a question... how come this size almost vever comes up on ebay? isn't it a popular style?
  5. btw, the one i have is the last one... it seems like the pink lambskin is different from the pink caviar...