what is the size of this 2.55?

^^^ Well, that one is from Personalshoppers, and I'm sure she called it the Classic Flap.


This one's from an old auction from DGJeans, who is legit, and she definitely called it the Classic Flap.

But again, I could be wrong. Everything I know about Chanel was learned on the internet.:shame:
I think Ebayers call it a "classic" flap because most people don't know it's a 2.55, invented February of 1955.

The saleslady could very well have misled me however!
danae said:
hi! i have this bag in pink but have no idea what the size is called... i've never seen it in any magazines or on celebrities, is it a rare size? the ebay link is just for the size


please help me if you know! thank you

that is the classic small flap bag,it come is lambskin and caviar leather,it is indeed a very cute bag you can wear it cross your body.....they have it in the basic colour like black,pink and beige.....i beleive some boutique carried more colours.....
melisande said:
I think that there is a 2.55 -- and also the 2.55 reissue. Hence the confusion.

What makes the 2.55 bag a 2.55 is the way the flap curves upwards. From what I've heard, this sort of curving is really hard to fake. I would be extra careful about the first ebay link- the quilting seems sort of messy and doesn't seem to line up the way authentic ones do.