What is the size of Reese Witherspoon's Fendi B. Bag?

  1. Is it the medium or the large and is it the regular leather or patent leather?
    Thanks for your help

  2. im not sure, but it does look great on her.
  3. Unsure as well, but wow Reese looks great!
  4. I know for sure that it's the medium size (the large looks like carry-on luggage), and I'm pretty sure that it's the polished black calfskin, not the patent leather.
  5. she looks thinner than her normal self!
  6. she definitely looks like she lost some weight there...
  7. Love Reese and her bag too. It's the medium size and not patent.
  8. Yep its the medium :smile:
    The buckles on the large size, only come half way down the bag.
    She looks fab
  9. Oooo, she looks so good! She is just too cute. I wasn't a huge fan of the B bag, but I really like hers. Guess my opinion has now changed!;)
  10. I agree. I didn't think I liked this bag much but it looks fantastic on her! She does look like she's lost some weight. I hope she isn't going down the scary skinny road...
  11. Reese looks so cute!
  12. Many seem to dislike the bag, have you ladies seen it in real life? It's just stunning! Reese looks great with it -- goes well with her outfits. I prefer hers over the contrast stitching one Sharon Stone has.

    Noticed her losing weigh before this year's Oscar (just like Jessica Alba).
  13. She does look great. I wonder if she is getting ready to start filming a new movie. I don't normally care for this bag but it does look good on her.