What is the size difference between a demi and a top handle pouch?

  1. Is there a big difference size wise? and which do you prefer and why? Thanks!
  2. im 5'7 and 135 lbs, and demis first perfectly snug under my arm, but a top pouch doesnt. The pouch works better as a hand held item, which I'm personally not into, so I use demis more than pouches.
  3. Thanks! I was able to make it down to Macy's to check them both out! The Demi is definately better for me!
  4. The demis are great. I'm 5'6 149 lbs and they look very nice. I have plenty of room between the bag and the strap and it fits nicely on my shoulder.
  5. I just like the shape of the demi's better...
  6. Yea, the pouches are more of a "carry on your elbow or in your hand" kind of thing. I mean, the demis still wont fit under my arm if im wearing a heavier winter jacket, but at least they do when youre wearing a tank top or sweater. If you DID wear your pouch under your arm you better not be wearing deodorant lol its just way too in the pit if you ask me!