What is the signature dish of your state? (or region your your country)

  1. I really want to broaden my range of recipes and thought it might be really cool to learn how to make all the regional dishes.

    Which dish do you consider specifically regional to your state or region of your country?
  2. There's a few desserts that are native to this region:

    Fasnacht- it's a yeast doughnut made with potato flour, deep fried and covered in powdered sugar. You only eat them on Fasnacht Day, the tuesday before lent starts...


    Shoofly Pie- molasses pie with regular crust, a sweet gooey filling and a crumbly top


    Funny Cake- this one is my favorite! It's a yellow cake baked in a pie crust. Between the cake and the crust on the bottom is a layer of bitter chocolate. It's pretty rich, but it's not overly sweet. I love it!!!

  3. gumbo, jambalaya, etoufee, take your pick!
  4. well I would say region were Im from yummy fattening buffalo wings!! so good dipped in real blue cheese, NOT I reapeat NOT ranch!! that and sponge candy in regular milk choc or dipped in orange chocolate is pretty popular with the locals. gosh so yummy!! BLO food uhmm yummy! forgot to mention I'm origanally from Buffalo!
  5. I like this thread.. mmm lets see I was born in Sonora, Mexico.

    Roasted Meat (Carne asada) is typical of Sonora,

    1 kilogram of boneless chuck steak (250 grams per person)
    1 spoonful of salt

    Instructions: The grill must be set on fire using firewood or live coal. Place the meat on the grill. When the surface becomes bloody and juicy, add some salt and turn upside down. Let it roast without turing any further until cooked medium rear and juicy.

    Typically green onions are placed on the gril roasting along with the meat; afterward add some lemon juice, salt, and serve as snacks.

    You can serve the meat with tortillas and frijoles to complete the most traditional Sonora's meal. Your family will love it.



    1 kg corn dough
    ½ kg beef or pork meat
    200 oz vegetable fat 4 garlic cloves
    50 oz pinole
    100 oz beef fat
    1 tablespoon wheat flour
    1 tablespoon sugar
    2 tablespoon vinegar
    20 chiles colorados
    1 onion
    Dried corn leaves

    Filling Preparation:
    Cook meat with onion and two garlic cloves. Wash chiles, steep in hot water and crush. Once meat is cooked, crumble it. Fry in lard or beef fat, two garlic cloves and remove. Fry flour; add crushed chili, vinegar, salt, sugar, olives, raisins, and meat. Let season. Steep dried corn leaves in water.

    Dough Preparation:
    Beat both beef fat and lard until they look spongy, add corn dough, pinole, salt, and beef broth to form spongy dough, of such way that a bit of it may float over the surface of a cup of water.

    Steep dried corn leaves, let dry, and spread a portion of paste in the middle; add the filling. Fold them and tie each end with strips of the leaves. Steam for an hour.


    And for Desert we have


    1 kg flour
    ½ kg vegetable fat
    ¼ lt water
    6 brown sugar candy pieces
    2 tablespoons bread yeast
    5 tablespoons flour (for brown sugar candies)
    Instructions: Add vegetable fat to flour. Dissolve 2 brown sugar candy pieces in 1/4 lt of water.

    Crack up the rest of the brown sugar candy pieces and mix with flour. Grease molds. Mix flour and vegetable fat. Add yeast and 1/4 lt of water with brown sugar candy pieces. Knead dough and make balls of 10 gr. Make round tortillas and add some brown sugar candy. Cover them with other tortillas and join them. Make small holes in top side. Put them in trays and bake at 350C until brown.


    :drool::drool: I cant wait for my mom to come and visit and spoiled me with her dishes :rolleyes:

  6. ditto
  7. Monterrey MX is know for its cabrito! A cabrito is a baby goat, which they sort of roast for hours but I've no idea what they put on it. I think they marinate it in salt only... or they also make it into a stew with basil, tomato and its own blood. Sounds nasty but it's absolutely delicious!
  8. IIm from New Jersey so probably any kind of italian-American food, hehe
  9. Here in Maryland, it's definately our crab cakes!
  10. Hmm... Fl is a mish-mash of everything, but where I went to high school and college, I'd say hot boiled peanuts (tons of road side stands) and biscuits and gravy.
  11. ^^^love boiled peanuts, one of my fav snacks. Have you tried fried peanuts with garlic, it's realllly goood.
  12. I was just in Baltimore last weekend & i think all I ate was crabcakes or crab something - so good! yummmmm

    I guess ours would be lobster & ne clam chowder.
  13. Pittsburgh - pierogies:

    And Primanti Brothers sandwiches...complete with cole slaw and french fries!
  14. beef barbeque and Tex-Mex
  15. No, I haven't. But I like peanuts and garlic, so it is probably pretty tasty!