What is the SHELF LIFE of eyeshadows? Anyone know?

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  1. Ok, I am ashamed to admit that I have a limited edition Bobbie Brown eyeshadow kit that is from 2005. :faint: It is the kit of nude eyeshadows and I LOVE THEM. I don't need to use too much because they are so sheer so therefore I still have the kit, which is about half gone and the brushes it came with.

    I am reluctant to keep using this kit though, due to the amount of time I've had it.

    Does anyone know what the safe shelf life is on eyeshadow? I know on mascara and other products I am super careful to get rid of them sometimes after just a few months...

    I would have gotten rid of this kit but it's not really made any more.

  2. Roo, no joke I was just going to start a similar thread. I have a bunch of LORAC shadows (in individual pots in a creme to powder formula from 2006-2007). I even have an extra dupe set which I used to keep at my ex's (so you can see it's been a year and a half, LOL). I used to apply these with my finger so I am also wondering if they are OK in that regard, compared to shadows I would have only dipped into with brushes.

    I think powder shadows tend to last longer than cremes. The "smell test" is always a good one, and for mascaras, lipsticks too. Perhaps you could swatch a little on your inner wrist or other tender spot before trying again on your eyes to make sure it's still OK?
  3. My Chanel's say 18 mths once opened, I think but my Chanel SA told me they can last me 3 yrs.
  4. Powdery lasts a lot longer than creamy eye shadow. If you notice caking, change of color, and a difference in smell, it's time is up.

    I usually clean my cosmetics drawer once a year, and the used stuff in good condition or unused stuff go to my sis, the used stuff that are overly used (but will not use them anymore) go to trash. So my expiration date for my cosmetics is 1 year.

    After all I put the thing on my face and my eyes, I will not risk infections or other problems.
  5. I have a Clinique shadow from 2002 that I still use :shame:
  6. It depends on the moisture content of the shadow itself, what you use to apply it, and whether or not you've had or are prone to eye infections. You can always sanitize the surface with an alcohol wipe if you're worried.
  7. i know right i had the same question a few time back and posted a thread ...


    so i think i concluded on depnds were wat and how! i think eyeshadows can last alot depdnds on the moisture, its really easy to know in eyelashes since they dry out n stuff, but on eyeshadows i still have some old ones and i never get any problems though some have dried out, i mean is impossible to waste ur eyeshadow in 6 mmonths if you dont use it everyday, and i use my makeup differently so is hard for me .. so i would say unless you dont get any type of problems... and also check the expiration date, sometimes they dont have.
  8. When powders start to flake super easily/have a weird smell/don't apply as well then its time to throw them.

    With creme shadows/paint pots etc i'd say about 8 months or so. Usually they start to dry up then i'd throw them in the trash.
  9. I must admit that I have a hard time throwing out eyeshadows that I have barely used...even if they are 3-4 years old. I have definitely used a Clinique eyeshadow from 2003 recently...it had barely been touched.
    I feel like as long as there isn't a strange smell or residue...the colors haven't turned or separated...and you are the only person who has dabbled in it, it should be fine to use.
  10. Yikes! I have a MAC eyeshadow that I only use very occasionally that's from 2003. I get rid of most things after one year but it never occurred to me that my eyeshadow could go bad!
  11. These are powder shadows and they smell and look fine. The problem is that one of them is called Nude Shimmer and it is not sold individually- only in the limited editions! And that one is my favorite! The others in the quad I can replace individually. I hate it when that happens. I also hated it when BB discontinued their lip stains.... they were incredible and extremely popular. :rant:
  12. Overdue powder shadows hardly smell but you'll definitely know when to toss them if they display at least one of the following signs:

    - flake extremely easily*
    when you lightly sweep your brush over, the powder comes off in clumps rather than teeny tiny loose specs.

    - hardened already
    when you brush over it the powder doesn't get transfered

    - patchy
    some parts of shadow look darker or shinier than the rest of the cake

    * happens even to eyeshadows that aren't used after a few years, or are hardly used.
  13. I believe the technical shelf life is 2 years, but like the others mentioned, because it's powder, they rarely go "bad" and you can keep them as long as you are comfortable with it, until they start to flake, dry out, or otherwise bother you.
  14. i wouldn't go past three years
  15. I am not even going to admit how old some of my makeup is , but I have never had a problem with any shadow or blush and some I have had a lot longer than I am willing to admit