What is the sexiest accent for you?

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  1. What accent do you think is the sexiest? What accent just makes you weak in the knees? Is it a sweet soutern drawl or maybe a sexy sounding Itilian?

    For me it is Scotish! I just completly go weak in the knees, it is just so dreamy and sexy!
    :love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. :shame: when i was in canada, i kept falling down when a guy spoke to me! HOT HOT HOT! *sigh* yes totally the canadian accent :biggrin: and
  3. :love:
  4. british, for sure! so sexy! :love:
  5. Hands down British accent is the sexiest to me. :love:
  6. ANY english accent.

    Seriously, so very sexy. :smile:
  7. Australian.
  8. hehehe, you guys should work here... i'm totally surrounded by British people! :smile:
  9. The accent of a hot sexy Itallian man does it for me every time...Too bad it's been 3 months since I last heard it!
  10. OMG I LOVE AUSTRAILIAN!!!!!! not to mention, aussie men are gorgeously hot. omg. I would subscribe to DNA (gay aussie mag) magazine, but it costs like $100 a year to US. :sad: sigh. so hot. haha.
  11. British :love:

  12. Totally!!!! I really want to go there some day!:love:
  13. No one else for French accent ? It's sooo cute !
  14. I dated a guy from the Czech, his accent drove me nuts, in a good way ofcourse
  15. French, French, French, I love everything French - British men sound great if they are cute and speak the Kings English but it's a fine line - also, Brit's are not great lo:love: vers. Sorry, but I've known a few - I love London.
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