What is the scoop on the FW 2007 bags??

  1. I saw a snippet on Bag Snob ... vibrant colors for the 2.55!! Anything that stands out?
  2. There is an aqua color bag that is up on the Chanel site, or In Style. Look at the RTW fall/winter. Can't tell what the outer material is; it resembles the reissue or classic. There was a black and white tweed bag that looked like it had fringe or something. The pics of the bags weren't close up because they were runway shots. Lots of plaids in the clothing line. Was not love at first sight, so I'm hoping bags and accessories will be better than the clothes.
  3. I didn't love anything from the runway show except for those 80's looking chunky bangles w/the bright colors and lucite.

    I did like the blue bag though. I am hoping for the other bags to be a bit more exciting lol.
  4. There is going to be some new twists on the Modern Chain collection which I'm anxious to see. So far, no one knows exactly what Chanel has done with this ligne for fall.
  5. Any idea when we'll be seeing the fall bags?
  6. That will be fun. I'm so glad I kept my MC tote. Maybe someday it will be a "classic"!