What is the safest way for me to accept payment from France? I'm in the US?

  1. NO PAYPAL. What are the options and where do you get an int'l money order? Never done this before Thanks
  2. I know you said no paypal, but the echeck feature is really good, it will come directly out of some one's bankaccount, takes 3/5 days to clear and the cost is 5dollars (I heard) and both are still protected by paypal (if done through eBay)

    You could accept a bankwire? Western Union ?
  3. Agree with hkloosterman about bank wire & WU.
  4. Bidpay is definitely the way to go. If you need more details, I would be glad to post them.
  5. Is it easy to use WU? I have an offer from France and I am a little wary...
  6. If no PayPal, I'd asked the buyer to use BidPay.
  7. I've accepted bank wire transfers from Italy and also one time Germany. I was a little weary but it worked out great for me. The fee at my bank is only $15 to receive them. The sender does have to pay a larger amount though, I believe it is usually the equivalent to $30-$45.

    You will just need your Swift number, acct number, etc.
  8. Do you want to send or receive money from the US? Your post isn't clear.
    France has Paypal. They just don't like to use it. Which means they won't want to use any other kind of payment system like Bidpay.
    If you decide to accept an intl money order make sure you check up on some of the scams others have had with money orders. There are lots of them on here.
  9. ^^ I agree, do not accept money orders. If I were you, I would only accept bank wire/ WU if they refuse to use paypal or bidpay.
  10. Don't use a bank wire unless you like having your bank account drained. Use either bidpay or western union. No paper methods of currency like a money order or cashiers check unless it comes from bidpay
  11. Huh? What makes you say that??
  12. We had a phonecall from some 'vacation' place saying we'd won a trip via a purchase we'd made somewhere (they were unable to say when, where or for how much) and that all we had to do was verify our bank details to confirm our identity - they wanted me to read them out to them. I refused, told them that if they had them they could read them to me, the supervisor who eventually came on the phone to argue about how safe it was to give them my bank details was just fighting with me for the sake of it at the end. I hung up on them and checked them out on Google to find loads of people had had hundreds taken from their bank accounts by this company, when they had never agreed to anything. They had literally no way of getting their money back and in some cases they had to change banks altogether to get away from them. This is why I never give my bank details to anyone I don't know or trust (I never would have before either though!). Someone buying from me on eBay would not fall into this category!