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May 13, 2014
Hello everyone, I'm secretly dreaming of a graphite kelly now. I say secretly because I just got 2 new H bags recently: a silky city in May and a So Kelly in June so I don't think I should be thinking of another new bag yet....... But as you all know, it is not that easy to find a Kelly, particularly since I'm more or less fixed on the color choice.

Question here: what is the right size Kelly for me? I'm about 5'1 petite Asian. Should I be looking for a size 28 or size 32? What's the most common size? My ideal kelly is casual chic (not too formal looking). I have a size 34 lindy and size 22 so kelly. The 34 lindy is a tad big on me but it is great for traveling and I think the size also gives it a more casual look. The size 22 so kelly is perfect on me and I mainly use it for work... so what should be my right size Kelly?

Second question: I've seen a lot of pics on various threads of the window display at the H flagship store in Paris as well as pics of all the gorgeous k and b so many of you have brought back from Paris. Is it really easy to get a k or b from the Paris flagship store? Is it always available everyday? If so, maybe I should start saving and planning a trip next year. which time of the year is the best to visit H Paris i.e. When do they normally have the most stock? Which months should I avoid?

Sorry for asking so many questions! Would appreciate if you can help to answer some or all of them! :ty:


Sep 2, 2006
I know that everyone wants a thread devoted to their particular specs, but honestly, there are so many threads on Kelly sizes, including photos showing how different sizes look on the same person. These are in the reference library.

There is also extensive information here on how to get a Kelly in Paris and because this question comes up so often, we try to keep this in a very few threads. Otherwise, it just makes it difficult to actually get the info if you have to look in two many scattered places.

Could you please check the reference library for the photos, and sizing info, and the Shopping section for the master thread on how to obtain a Birkin/Kelly?

Much obliged; thanks.
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